Music to Listen to: Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project

This is the first time I’ve done this, but perhaps it’s something that may continue… we’ll see.

In the 1930’s, Alan Lomax began to record music. His focus was on recording the folk songs of America, though he also traveled to Haiti and elsewhere to record the music of those places too. He was the first to record Muddy Waters and Lead Belly, and was influential in starting the “folk renaissance” in the 60’s. Throughout his career, he managed to record and preserve thousands of songs, and his work is possibly the the best collection of folk music (from Appalachian music, to cowboy songs, to spirituals, to sea chanteys) that exists.

Canadian composer Jayme Stone has recently recorded an album celebrating Mr. Lomax’s work, with both covers and new interpretations of old songs. Even more, right now through to March 3, you can listen to the entire album on right here on CBC Music. Note that it is much more of a classic folk album, so expect plenty of banjo, mandolin, and accordion goodness!

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